"People often say I should run a cookery course - so here it is."


… have no confidence in kitchen but think there could be hope

… never had the time to develop a basic repertoire of dishes

… would like to handle some of the more unusual produce we can buy here in France and particularly the Dordogne

… have wondered “how do they do that?”

Then perhaps our informal, un-intimidating cookery holiday might be for you!

One Day Cookery Course

Together we'll cook a meal to be shared with others as well as your friends.

Four Day Cookery Course

Will follow a similar format with 2 days cookery course and the other two days to rest or visit the Dordogne ...and if these alternatives do not fit in with your plans - contact us to discuss further possibilities.

Six Day Cookery course

For four days the cookery course will involve shopping for ingredients at local markets or small producers in the mornings. In the afternoons - we'll prepare food for the evening meal. Two days will be left open to relax or visit local places of interest - plentiful in this quiet part of the Dordogne.

A glance at sample recipes​

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